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dark huntress
28 September 2020 @ 01:05 am

Let me know if you've added me, if we have things in common and aren't too bothered with mindless babbling, I'll probably add you.

If you are looking for my graphics, please DO NOT friend this journal, rather watch/join obsidian_gaze, my graphics community.
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dark huntress
25 May 2010 @ 03:31 pm
Wow, it's been awhile since the last one huh?

What were your expectations of this book? Were they met or not? Why? Favorite part(s)? Least favorite part(s)?

NOTE: As I've yet to buy my copy, my thoughts will be posted in about 3 days, which will give me plenty of time to buy and read the book completely.

Remember, if you're going to include spoilers in your comments, please put "SPOILERS AHEAD" in the subject line so others won't be spoiled (unless they want to). Be sure to TRACK THIS ENTRY so you can be aware of other people's comments and actively participate in the discussion.

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dark huntress
20 August 2009 @ 06:34 pm
Just a bunch of Twilight related stuff.

I am so pissed off. Remember when Ashley Greene did an interview and photoshoot for Nylon Mens magazine??? Well I had written it off as a "Barnes and Noble doesn't get it so I won't be able to collect it." Well I went to Barnes and Noble three days ago and saw the current issue of said magazine right up front!!! I missed the damn issue by a few days! I really wanted that magazine! I was so upset over it and I still am. I want to get the Saturday Night magazine as well but with my luck, THAT ONE will be the one that's unavailable in my area!

*temper tantrum*

I so need to find some people to trade magazines with. Say if a German magazine has Twilight and I'd like a copy of the magazine, I could ask someone in Germany, likewise, if they would like an American magazine (Texas specifically), I could get it for them. It would make my life so much easier.

Soooo... What'd you think of the new trailer? Better than the first one or not? I personally liked them both.

Who's getting the New Moon movie companion?? Besides me of course.

Feel free to invite friends to this discussion, it's a public entry :D
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dark huntress
09 August 2009 @ 02:04 am

What did you all think? Was it what you expected? Why or why not? Oh and how excited are you that Dev will be getting his own story?

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Remember, if you're going to include spoilers in your comments, please put "SPOILERS AHEAD" in the subject line so others won't be spoiled (unless they want to).

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dark huntress
So while we eagerly (and in my case desperately) await the release of Bad Moon Rising, I thought we'd just have a lovely chat about the series in general.

How did you find out about/get into the Dark Hunter series? What is your favorite thing(s) about the series? Least favorite?

Who's story are you most excited about and can't wait for? Why?

Have you gotten the Manga? If so, what did you think about it?

I found the series completely by accident. I was looking for a different kind of romance novel all together and someone on romancenovels directed me to a site that listed paranormal romance novel authors. I started choosing authors at random but was becoming discouraged because none of them got my attention. The last author I randomly chose was Sherrilyn Kenyon and BOOM! I was hooked by just the sample that was up at her site. I loved how different the storyline was compared to other books, that each book was part of a bigger story and that the gods and goddesses of different cultures played a large part of ruining/aiding the characters. I loved that Sherri keeps building the mystery around several characters like Ash, Savitar, Nick, and Jaden.

I have to say I'm really curious and excited to read Nick's story, he's so angry, bitter and confused that he's going to need a lot of help to learn to live with what's happened to him and I hope he and Ash will go back to being friends again.

Yes, I've gotten the manga and I love it. Not as much as the books but I think it's a great idea. I've already pre-ordered volume 2.

Remember that you CAN have spoilers in your comments but to keep from spoiling the series for those who aren't caught up, please put a warning in the subject line of your comment.
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dark huntress
09 August 2008 @ 04:10 pm

I've had a recent increase in people friending this journal. That makes me a little nervous because not one of them has introduced themselves nor have I ever communicated with them before.

Guys, if you're looking for my icons, graphics and tutorials, you need to join obsidian_gaze not this LJ.

If you'd like to get to know me, that's fine but I'm a little paranoid of strangers friending me and not dropping a "Hi, I'm friending you" at least.

And if I could remove and block people I would because there's like 2 people who are just friending people to cause trouble.

Those of you who friended me prior to July of this year don't worry, I love you guys and I'm keepin' ya ;)


So, who's watching the Olympics???
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dark huntress
06 August 2008 @ 02:26 pm
The big enchilada has arrived!!!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Talk to me guys, was the book what you expected? Why or why not? Were you right about Ash's heroine?


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Remember, if you're going to include spoilers in your comments, please put "SPOILERS AHEAD" in the subject line so others won't be spoiled (unless they want to).

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dark huntress
I saw Carrie Underwood and Josh Turner last night. It was fan-fucking-tastic guys! Worth every penny and then some. I'll have pictures soon hopefully. I went with my sister (Peanut) and though she originally went to see the devilishly attractive Josh Turner, she was soon won over by Miss Underwood's fantastic voice and stage prescence.

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dark huntress
29 April 2008 @ 10:43 pm
BOOK: His Wicked Kiss
AUTHOR: Gaelen Foley
RECOMMENDED BY: etarowyn (author recommendation)

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dark huntress
24 April 2008 @ 09:24 pm
BOOK: One Night of Sin
AUTHOR: Gaelen Foley
RECOMMENDED BY: etarowyn (author recommendation)

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